I created a new site on Friday, and by Saturday exactly 24 hours later it was in Google’s Index. I posted about this just over a month ago in my post, 7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 Hours. I had a lot of comments about whether or not Adwords was necessary, so I thought I’d try it again without running Adwords this time. Here’s how it all played out:

1) I created 5 pages of content (Home, FAQ, About Us, etc.).

2) I put them in a simple template with site-wide links. I also linked to it from one of my other sites (it’s very relevant so it makes sense).

3) I added tagged the site on only 2 social bookmarking sites.

4) Commented in 1 forum, put the URL in one directory (niche specific), and submitted it to Digg.

5) Installed Google Analytics

6) Created a sitemap, pinged Google, and put the sitemap in my Robots.txt. Logged into Google Webmaster Central and submitted my sitemap there.

When I checked exactly 24 hours later I was sitting in the index and had already begun to get a few visitors from Google.

I had previously done Google adwords out of both necessity (get quick traffic) but also because of the trust factor I believe it gives to Google, and the fact that Google integrates a quality factor into their quality score (so they come to your site and look at it). Obviously this is just one test compared to several others I’ve done with Adwords, but it seems its very possible without running some ads.

Anyone else seeing 24 hour indexing for new sites?


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  1. @ Skip,

    It’s called Duplicate content. Do a search online for it. Just changing the title tag, descp is not enough. Your best bet is to perform a 301 redirect from your old pages to your new pages. This tells Google that this is the new site it should be considering and that all link value from the old site should be attributed to the new domain.

    Take care,

    Website Design Services

  2. LeafsNews says:

    My site gets new content indexed in under 5 minutes usually. I am posting upwards of 30 articles a day and I would assume that Google is indexing my site quickly because there is a fair amount of content added everyday.

  3. Lee says:

    Tony, the most frequently spidered sites these days are highly ranked and highly active social media sites. Google spiders are running through social sites every hour in order to keep up with the content changes.

    As soon as you publish a well described and titled bookmark or post to a social media or bookmarking site, Google will often encounter the link and spider your site within a couple of hours of the bookmark or post being published.

  4. Our website isn’t a new website, It’s about 3 years old. We’ve noticed during the last 4-5 weeks that new users are adding their podcasts to our podcast directory Podseek.net and google is sending traffic to the directory for new additions as they are approved. Sometimes it seems like it’s less than 24 hours.

  5. LeafsNews says:

    Oh – and this this site was indexed in under 24 hours as well (new domain and never used before).

  6. LeafsNews says:

    Oh – and hthis site was indexed in under 24 hours as well when it was first launched(new domain and never used before).

  7. I cancelled the account for my old domain name, thinking that would eliminate any duplication, and none of the pages come up as anything other than errors at this point. Do I need to re-establish that account and re-direct the old pages, or will time eventually allow Google to recognize the change? My thing is painting and artwork, so technically speaking, I’m out of my league here. You can probably tell that from my site, a holdover from the days of FrontPage Express.

  8. Chris says:

    We have a data entry girl come in each day to input descriptions of new items. We have noticed that within 1-2 days that the item and its new description have been captured by Google AND we start receiving inquiries and (more importantly) sales on those items.

    I think what is more important is when Google actually does its Ranking/Re-Ranking. I am unsure if this is done each day as much as I am sure that google visits our site almost every day to collect more of our content.


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  9. Hi Guys..

    YES! I seem to always get listed in Google within 24 hours.. Sorry but i’ve never understood why some don’t. I don’t do much of what was said. I wouldn’t know how to do half of it.
    This is ALL I do.. I mean ALL.. No conyent analysis or anything I create a few simple pages and then go to Google webmaster and ‘validate’ your url.. You can do this 2 ways.. ‘a html page or Meta code’ Add it to your index page, verify site (All this takes about 10 minutes) and then…. nothing! That’s it! In 24 hours, I’m in! This has nearly always happened to my sites. I’ve never understood what everyone was writing about! Maybe I should start a business and charge money! or maybe I could just tell you guys!!
    Look at the last site that was listed a couple of days ago.. real simple.. http://www.millenniumre.com.au

    All the best guys..


  10. Mike Stone says:

    I have about 12 websites for Stairlifts in New York. I always pick a domain name with my keywords in it. This is a sure way to get ranked quicker.I also use http://www.Engineseeker.com which gets me on the first page in 24 hours. Mike Stone 631-278-1940

  11. Tyler says:

    Yep. Posted a video on YouTube and then paste the YouTube code onto a completely new domain. 38ways.com. No sitemap. No submission to social bookmarking/social media sites except for one link in our own blog (infusionblog.com). 38ways.com was indexed in Google the next day.

    Nice work.

  12. Ritchie says:

    wow!! nice article. Never try this one before. ^_^ Sitemap really helps a lot for SEO. Been doing it for a long time and it really helps a lot for google.

  13. Mike Stone says:

    If anyone wants any ideas to get ranked higher in Google. I Have about 12 websites.Go to the home page and click on the partners link to see them.Please check them out and e-mail me what you think… Thank You , Mike Stone – Divine Design Usa Stairlifts – http://www.LongIsland-Stairlift.com

  14. Michael – Not only is Google rapid0indexing, but they are also dunamically indexing blogs with ‘trusted’ feeds on the fly. For at least the past 4 months …. Charlie

  15. Mike says:

    Yes, my site (blog) went up recently, I have also noticed my blogs are getting indexed with Google in about 10 minutes! I would post a blog, wait about 5-10 minutes and type the full url in the search box, only to see it indexed! Nice!

  16. Yes…I got the same result…plus, Google recognized my Keywords much more clearly…my site is product specific so this is truly a bonus. Also, I had originally listed by business site in AboutUs.org and eventually Google, Yahoo, and MSN recognized it, but when I added my personal “bio” and linked my other sites THERE, the link was mentioned in 24 hours. This is an excellent turnaround time, especially considering that my business is a niche market, fairly new, and not really all that condusive to adding “written content” without reiterating what other sites that sell similar product to mine have been writing about for years! So, I am really dependent on Google and Yahoo in particular to get me listed by keywords in at least the top 50 website; for 3 of my main keyword(s) or phrases I am in the top ten with Google, Yahoo, and MSN!

    But, thanks for the heads up on the social sites….I think this makes a big difference!

  17. CH says:

    24 hours… What took so long?

    The last site I did and watched was indexed in about 4 hours. That was probably six months ago.

  18. yeah, i have had a few sites get indexed that quickly….My thoughts are :

    - add google analytics
    - create webmasters account
    - add sitemap
    - submit site to google
    - add anchor text backlink from a site that gets indexed at least every 4 days or so….(a site or some importance in google’s mind)

    and you should see it in google’s index quickly.

  19. sanjeev says:

    yes its happing, some of our site pages indexed in google too.


  20. edwin says:

    Yes, once with this site:
    Zamex pose de chape
    I just placed a link in a directory with an high index rank

  21. I saw 22 minutes indexing last week. Frankly, I was very surprised. Google Indexing tool has definitely improved.

  22. Ram says:

    Hi . Good article and very sensible piece of writing. At http://www.findnearyou.com with a shoe string budget and a small team getting search engine traffic is all u pray about. Digg’in it, blogging, specific domain linking has helped us a lot and google had indexed us even within 15 minutes sometimes – more becuase of the popularity of the site that has our link or mention of it.

    i will try your service and give feedback

    tahnx once again

  23. L.Bart says:

    Google love some services and you can index new website during 1 hour (or faster) with their help. I can give an advise individually to anybody who ask this.
    L.Bart, Ukraine

  24. jonathon says:

    sometimes google indexs new blog post from my site in under one hour which is fast, but i have a fews site which google will not index well apart from the main page thats all that gets indexed.

  25. Simon Young says:

    I definately see google picking up new pages in my site every single day – by that I mean I can start a thread in my forum with a unique title and the next day that page will be at the top of the google listings for the phrase in the title of the thread. All my site is angling and fishing tackle related and this gets me masses of relevant traffic, only noticed this change about september last year. Talk Angling UK

  26. For sure, I have seen some pages be searchable in google within 5 hours of uploading them!

  27. Dan says:

    We have a new site http://DecoCams.com. Before the new year I designed the site with all of the latest bells and whistles, meta tags, and highly relative keywords and content. I submitted into Digg, Delicious, DMOZ, Propeller, and finally my google sitemap.

    And within 24-48 hours, our site was indexed really well, and we’re in the top for our primary keywords.

    This formula, and some other minor techniques can make for a powerful site launch.

    The best part is, our site only really has two pages of indexable content relative to the domain. Our main page, and then a page of text featuring our printed ad. So with the right amount of content and organizational skills, a site can be brought to life quickly thanks to Google.

  28. schools says:

    I also saw my new site indexed in 24 hours. I linked to it from 2 question and answer sites and 2 article sites. I put it in google analytics and I also served adsense ads.

  29. [...] Re: Page is not indexing If you want to get pages indexed within a few days then check out the advice here: 7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 hours | WebProNews 24 Hour Indexing of New Site Works again | SoloSEO Blog __________________ "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Hip Hop [...]

  30. Amy says:

    Thank you for this article. Great information! I have been working with a mentor and we had covered most of these steps and my website has been indexed. It is good to know that I am on the right track. I hope to earn a living online in the near future. Thank you again for your articles.

  31. Robert says:

    Thanks very much for the information http://www.ppvdigitalcablefilter.com

  32. Hey great recipe for indexing. I will remember it when I build my next site. I do web design so it will not be long before I use it.


  33. J says:

    With 8 or 9 sites going up over the last few months, I have noticed that they are indexed by Google in just a few days, and before I get ANY links to them. I discovered this by building a site for a carpet install/repair business online. I got the first two pages done and while I was waiting for feedback from the owner I discovered that Google had indexed the site.

  34. Lynn Bishop says:

    Yep, I had a site last week, brand new Website, all I did was put a link in my blog, and thought I’ll do the rest of the submission stuff tommorrow. That was about 10.30 at night, next day I was setting up quick links to googles link: and site: engines, and couldn’t believe 5 pages had been indexed already.
    I’ve had that happen when I’ve done SEO on exisiting websites, but never never on a new website.

  35. James says:

    So much for all those site submission services that once existed! Not much need anymore. If this continues, a lot of SEO tricks will be obsolete soon.

  36. Shareman says:


    Thanks a lot for the information. I used to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for getting indexed. Let me try your method and give a feedback again. Nice idea. Thanks once again

  37. bob says:

    i just got my new site index after five days, so not so good, the sites totally SEO and still only one page is loged.

  38. stuart says:


    oh yes you can have your website indexed by google in a matter hours if your use add words, but the seconed you pause your addwords account google seems to know and not much longer after that your website goes out of the google search results.

    i tried this out now with two websites, http://www.southportdirectory.com
    paused the add, site went missing from results un-paused it 4 hours later sites back in search results same placement as before. so i tried it with another site http://www.nolantarmacadam.co.uk
    same thing again.

    upped the amout i would spend on clicks with http://www.southportdirectory.com to £100 per month and now with an hour of doing so i’m on page 1 2nd from the bottom. so as long as i throw money at google my free to advertise site will be included, if i dont pay i get my sites removed. hows that work?

  39. John says:

    Amazing, really, took me only two days to show up several times with

  40. i have a problem with our blog on our website. can somebody tell me why i cant get the blog in the index? other sites are within 24 h in the google index. there is no DC etc. – but i can´t find any failure.

  41. vinshe says:

    Yes I have also get index in 24 hours. But everytime my experience is different. Ones i index through Squidoo and other time with propeller.

  42. I had the same experience yesterday and brought big motivation :)

  43. MG says:

    I think most powerful step is to include google analytics.. I tested different websites, and Analyctics is the best way to get a page indexed!

  44. Squidoo is very good. I only have good experiences with it. You can trust in.

  45. http://www.todaymybirthday.com says:

    make a video und upload it to youtube.com but not forget to add your keywords and your site Url.

  46. The fastest I have ever been able to get a new site indexed was 4 days. Hats off to you for getting it done faster!

  47. Detektei says:

    Well I have alwas thought that linking good content on social bookmarks could help to be faster in the google index!

  48. David says:

    it is great idea.

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