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SoloSEO is an online SEO project management tool for both beginner and professional SEOs. SoloSEO provides tools and reports that help make your SEO more efficient, saving you time and increasing your profits. SoloSEO started in 2006 and was created by Aaron R. Stewart and Michael D. Jensen.

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Aaron and Michael have worked together in the development of technology and management solutions for companies ranging from small businesses to several Fortune 500 companies.

Aaron R. Stewart, MBA, PhD

I am now a "chronic entrepreneur," although the early years of my career were spent in a variety of traditional sales and marketing positions, doing business in over 50 countries. I eventually got started launching tech companies in 2001, and as the importance of SEO in effectively promoting these companies has increased, so has my interest and education.

Michael D. Jensen, PhD

I am an entrepreneur who also happens to do some coding. I've been developing websites since 1993, and have been learning and doing SEO since 2005 for our own sites and other clients. I'm particularly interested in social marketing, local search, and online reputation management.

You can contact us by email at info@soloseo.com or call us at 1-855-334-3226.

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