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Loren Baker at SearchEngineJournal.com:
"Is SoloSEO the replacement for an expert SEO staff member or agency? No. But for those businesses which want to try and tackle basic SEO themselves or learn from the ground up, or for the private SEO contractor looking to consolidate multiple tools into one all around simplified project management offering, SoloSEO could be a Godsend."

Todd Malicoat of StuntDubl.com:
"SoloSEO is a very nice suite of tools for the DIY SEO'er. The only problem I see it having is scalability due to all the one man shops that will find high value from it. Online SEO Project management for any site."

Andy Beal of MarketingPilgrim.com: "While software for search engine optimization has existed for years, there really hasn't been a solution that allows you to set-up, track, manage and progress your SEO campaign...until now."

"There's no doubt that SoloSEO.com offers a selection of tools and project management options not currently available to search marketers," said Beal. "I've practiced search engine optimization for years and SoloSEO.com offers the most comprehensive features I have ever seen." (included in our Press Release)

Michael Gray (GrayWolf) of Wolf-Howl.com: "If you're looking for a solution to help you manage your SEO project all in one place with some nicely integrated tools SoloSEO is definitely worth looking at."

Thomas McMahon of TopRankBlog.com:
"I've been working with SoloSEO, a web based SEO project management solution, and it's a good start to what could be quite a nice system. It doesn't have quite all the features I'd like, but it does work well at keyword research and ties into search engines for inindex and backlink reporting."

Dave Davis of Red Fly Marketing:
"This service, SoloSEO, absolutely blew me away. DonŐt let the simple interface fool you, this tool has absolutely EVERYTHING needed to manage an organic search engine optimisation campaign."

After testing this tool for well over two weeks, I can safely say that I will be ditching many of my tools in favor of SoloSEO. The simple approach, unique tools and very modest approach makes this a tool really worth considering. Weather you use it for a single Search Engine Optimisation campaign, or use it to manage many in-house projects, I am sure you will find SoloSEO has a lot to offer.

Paul Drago:
"Thus far it seems fairly interesting- the pricing of 29 dollars a month is rather reasonable. Its great to have all of these tools in the same place (finally). I love these kind of projects where after you see it you simply so "duh" why the hell did it take this long for a web-based PM system like this to exist for a very web based industry."

Chris Bennett at 97thFloor.com:
"First off I gotta say I have used everything, IBP, Web CEO, SEO Elite, you name it and the first thing I am excited about is the online capabilities. It will be so much easier to manage clients sites from anywhere as I won't have to install and keep updating my software on every computer. I won't have to pay extra for...running it on more than 2 computers which is pretty much standard on all the other products I have used."

"One of the strongest parts of SoloSEO seems to be the tools to help you pick good keywords. They've taken some of the best-known tools in the SEO industry and put them together in an easy-to-use page."

Navneet Kaushal of UnofficialSEOblog.com:
"The SoloSEO tools would be extremely beneficial for all involved in search engine optimization."

Sloan Kiser
"I've tried many other SEO programs and they are really hard to learn and there is no support or documentation. But with SoloSEO I understood exactly where to go to find everything I needed in less than 5 minutes.... I've never seen a system that had all these options together. I love this program. It's going to save me time and make my job less stressful I will be recommending it to all other webmasters and Solo SEO's that I talk to.

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