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Topical Keyword Finder Tool

This Free SEO Tool will show 2-word keyphrases common between web pages found from your search. Great for discovering topical keywords based on top ranking results for your keyword. More about on-topic keywords.

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Use Page Text and Title
Use Title Tag Only

Full version of this tool offers 1- and 2-word keyphrases, top 30 results, and integration with Keyword Finder/Keeper. Get notified of our launch below.

Reports, Checklists, Tools, and More.

Checklists for consistent site reviews and task lists Nifty keyword tools, like a Topical Keyword Scan Create optimized content easily, then export or publish Organize your
link building, automated analysis

SoloSEO.com offers an online solution to SEO management to streamline your SEO process. Create checklists, reports, manage your link building, create optimized content, find and keep your site's keywords, and so much more.

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