Google Analytics on YOUR iPhone with Analytics App

Posted by Michael D. Jensen - February 12th, 2009

We’ve developed a new iPhone app that I think you and all SEOs with iPhones will love. The new Analytics App for the iPhone and iPod Touch gives you anywhere access to your Google Analytics data. I had a lunch meeting the other day with a buddy of mine that I’m helping do some PPC and SEO for his site, and using Analytics App we could talk over lunch about keywords, PPC campaigns, and other sources of traffic. I think you’ll find it handy in many ways too!

With more than 29 reports available, as well as unlimited custom reports, all your analytics data is just a button away. Change the date to see any date range, and there’s an easy Today report that any Analytics addict will love. Why Google doesn’t have a button for that is beyond me…

You can download Analytics App for $5.99 from the iTunes AppStore.

For any subscribers to the tools with an iPhone or iPod Touch, email us with your username (info at soloseo dot com) and we’ll give you a free promo code for Analytics App!


I was hopeless at writing as a kid, (basically never did) and then spent 20 years in a manual job so didn’t need to write much.

Then as I got more in to SEO and especially blogs, I started writing more and more.

My spelling and punctuation is still terible, but I really enjoy writing now, especially last thing at night when I just waffle about whatevers happened during the day or whatevers on my mind.

I like to just sit, write and post.(with no editing or spellchecking) sometimes it is just nonsence, but other times it can be good stuff.

I have at least 6 or 7 blogs now which I just waffle on, but also use for serious stuff too. It’s a great way of dropping in links to sites you are working on too ;o)


Forgot to say,

welcome back, thought you had given up on this blog. (was just about to delete it from my favourite links page)

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