Google Helps You With Mother's Day

I was trying to figure out for sure if Mother’s Day was this Sunday or the next, so of course I went to Google. Thankfully Google knows when holidays are, albeit they use Wikipedia. So now I know, Mother’s day is May 11th. And you know too (so get her something!).

Blended Search… Should We Care?

Michael and I had the opportunity to attend the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) last week in sunny Santa Clara, CA. It was a shame to spend those 60-degree days inside, especially since I come from the cold, white Rocky Mountains, and we spend as little time as possible outside this time of year. But for […]

Does Punctuation Matter to Google or SEO?

Nope. Except for @, -, and ‘. @ is nice to find someone’s email address. – and ‘ are less helpful because Google goes ahead and searches for the word with the – or ‘ but also without them (substituting a space, or for – it combines the word).

25% of Google Searches are Fresh

A couple of items caught my attention yesterday. Aaron Wall reported that Google is claiming up to 25% of search queries run any given day are queries they have never processed previously. I found that to be quite a shocker. Also, Andy reported that Google has included a “Hot Trends” feature to their Google Trends […]