The Missing MyBlogLog Tools – Get More from MyBlogLog

The Missing MyBlogLog Tools, created by, give you a new way to harness the power of MyBlogLog. These tools let you compare and find contacts and communities in a new and powerful way. Our tools go beyond the basic searching and browsing available at MyBlogLog by relying on the networks created between MyBlogLog users […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Jensen

While I didn’t originate the blog tag, I did create the blog tag tree. It has been a lot of fun to see it being so useful. I like how it (1) helps you know who’s been tagged or not, (2) lets you see who knows who, (3) and makes it real easy to get […]

Announcing, a new SEO Project Management solution

It’s official! launches today a SEO Project Management service for search marketing professionals as well as do-it-yourself web marketers. The SoloSEO service saves you time and headaches by managing keywords, content, and link building all from one integrated service.

Why are you scaring your customers?

Now unless you have a conversion rate of 100%, some of your customers are getting scared. Certainly some come accidentally to your site, but what is scaring the rest of them from taking action on your site? What can be done?