5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Jensen


While I didn’t originate the blog tag, I did create the blog tag tree. It has been a lot of fun to see it being so useful. I like how it (1) helps you know who’s been tagged or not, (2) lets you see who knows who, (3) and makes it real easy to get to know fellow SEOs and others by reading their 5 things.

I’ve been tagged twice, by Eric Enge and Joe Dolson. I am from the Graywolf clan.

Now for the 5 things about me that you didn’t know…

1. Ice cream cone shaped birthmark. On my left wrist I have a small (and now quite faint) birthmark in the shape of an ice cream cone. I am quite fond of my birthmark because I love ice cream (anything chocolate (no nuts), peppermint (homemade, ask me for the recipe), and dark cherry (mmmmmm).

2. Investor. I love trading stocks and ETFs. I love reading books about investing. My dream job is to day trade for an hour a day, then spend the rest of the day with my wife and kids (3), and reading good books.

3. Religion Teacher. I teach a religion class for high school kids every day during the school year at 6:15 AM.

4. I love to cook. One of my favorite recipes is for “Chicken Scampi”, similar to the Olive Garden. Another are these to-die-for Chicken Quesadillas but instead of tortilla it is a yummy flat bread. I have a fantastic shish-ka-bob recipe for the grill too. I also love sweets (cookies, ice cream, you name it). But I do exercise (running and racquetball) to counterbalance my love for sweets.

5. Eagle Scout. I enjoyed the Boy Scouts and worked hard at it and became an Eagle Scout. I love camping, hiking, the outdoors, and learning to do new things, and a lot of my exposure to these things was because of Scouts. I want to do a Pinewood Derby race again, those were a blast.

My turn to tag now. I know quite well who’s been tagged or not, so I’ll be sure to not duplicate.

1. Roger Montti (Martinibuster) – his talk at PubCon was fabulous, and when he does post on his blog, it’s great.

2. Brett Tabke – Surprisingly he wasn’t tagged, but then I did notice that he doesn’t have an ordinary blog, he uses his robots.txt file that he calls “the bot blog”.

3. Paul Allen (the lesser) – No, not the Microsoft Paul Allen. This Paul Allen has a fantastic blog as he is one of the most networked and “in the know” bloggers out there. He is an amazing entrepeneur, and even started MyFamily.com.

4. Hawaii SEO – I’ve never met you, but I’ve seen you comment around. I love Hawaii too, been there thrice.

5. Heather Lloyd-Martin – I heard her speak at PubCon also; she gave a great talk on writing content. I’d love to see her blog expand to a once a week post and get inside that brain of hers. Time to fire up the blog again Heather, you’ve got fans awaiting.

And for those tagged, or others who have been tagged, don’t forget to pass on the blog tag tree to help in deciding who to tag and to learn more about our fellow SEOs.

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