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Google RankBrain: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Search Algorithm


Google recently released a new search algorithm known as the Google RankBrain, and many people are already asking questions about it. The main purpose of this algorithm is fairly simple, so there is no need to worry that it will cause any serious upheavals in anyone’s daily online routine. Here we will cover the basics of the Google RankBrain algorithm so you are informed and ready for what’s ahead.

What is Google RankBrain?

The Google RankBrain algorithm is designed to deal with search queries that it does not immediately recognize. According to Bloomberg, it is now one of the three major signals for ranking in the Google search engine. This is the process used by the search engine to determine the placement of the content on the search engine results page, or SERP. The updated features of any search engine immediately grab interest, for the placement plays a major role in the amount of traffic a website can attract How Does Google RankBrain Work?

Google RankBrain serves as a translator between written human words and the computer system. Unlike older algorithms, this is an artificial intelligence system, which means that it is able to process unfamiliar or vague search queries. The ability to guess what a search query was intended to be is a major feature of this system. This gives it the ability to make suggestions, which may help the person conducting the search find what they were really looking for on the Internet. This is especially useful when dealing with misspelled words, jargon or unusual questions.

According to the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, artificial intelligence and advanced capabilities in machine learning are a high priority for the company. The Google RankBrain release represents just one portion of these investments, but it is a significant one for Internet users. The benefits are often described as a personalized searching experience and improving the ability to predict future results. The company points out that users enjoy the feature because it reduces the effort needed for typing.

How Will Google RankBrain Affect Me?

Google RankBrain primarily deals with unusual or unfamiliar search requests. Since most users develop habits when searching, this algorithm will not be active for most everyday uses. However, when the search engine sees something that is unusual or unfamiliar, the RankBrain algorithm will try to anticipate what the user intended to type. This is one of several powerful context-sensitive search signals released by Google, and indexing search results is a process that seems to be perpetually in development. Dealing with new search requests represents a major advancement in this area.

Internet users who are already familiar with search engines may notice a slight difference in the way certain requests are handled, but many users will not notice the change at all. However, the benefits of the Google RankBrain will be experienced in the same manner regardless of the perception at the user’s end. Web developers might be able to benefit from this information to develop strategies that keep their website high on the SERPs page, and business owners who maintain a web presence should stay informed of these changes as a matter of good form.

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