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How to Correctly Implement Mobile SEO


With mobile internet browsing slowly overtaking desktop and laptop browsing, business owners and marketing experts alike are switching to mobile ideas that can revolutionize how search engine optimization works. Many of the successful eCommerce businesses such as Amazon and Apple have already begun to cater their strategies towards captivating a market of individuals that browse their products and services on a smart device as opposed to a desktop. In this article you will learn about mobile SEO and how to correctly implement it to expand your products, customer base, and services.

Responsive Design and Implementation

One of the key differences between a smartphone and a desktop is that of screen real estate. A computer screen is much larger than that of a mobile screen and thus prevents free space from being utilized in the design. A business must have a mobile version of their website created in order to properly engage their audience with their pages and information. The incorrect approach to mobile browsing is to avoid making a “mobile friendly” version of your domain to your users. In conjunction with this, professionals need to be more leery of verbose and over-the-top ads located on their mobile pages. Users are more likely to close a web page on their device if they see large banners or ads that can’t be hidden. Instead, we need to create organic and naturally occurring ads that speak to the customer’s interests as opposed to bombarding them with large banners and bright font. It should also be noted that smartphones often have less rending power and memory in which to load web pages you have for your customers. Keeping this in mind, programmers and engineers should make the design simplistic and lite by disabling things such as animated navigation bars, moving font, and high-res images. Freeing up these valuable system resources will keep your audience engaged and scrolling through your pages for more information and product details.

 Location Specific Pages and Content

Another key point to remember and use in your mobile SEO tactics is that of location-specific marketing and advertisement campaigns. If Jane Doe lives in Austin, Texas, she will more likely be engaged by an ad that is specific to areas that she is familiar with. Customers are more likely to read your articles, content, and view your products if they have a geographical interest that sparks their curiosity and catches their attention. As a side note, take advantage of hardware specific tools that can be used to better serve your customers and clients. Allowing visitors to search through your site by voice activation systems will make the process of dealing with your company easy and effective for future dealings. You can also encourage users to send in pictures of themselves using your product that way you can place them on your social media feeds. Doing this will label your brand as one that is fun, hip, and always looking to interact with your audience.

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