Free Backlink from

Everyone’s always looking for a free backlink with lots of link juice, and I’ve got a great one for you (not nofollow’ed either). Although the page itself doesn’t have an updated PageRank yet (PageRank 0), the domain itself, has a PageRank of 9, so you can expect it to carry a lot of great […]

Google Zigs… Let The Whining Commence.

Between the tragedy at Virginia Tech yesterday, a few headaches here at work, and the fact I had to send in a check for taxes, I was glad to finally turn off my lights and put yesterday in the books. It was quite an emotional day for many I am sure. To all of those […]

Free Links from MyBlogLog!

Everyone’s always out looking for good quality backlinks (inbound links) at a great price, and what’s better than free? Hopefully MyBlogLog will patch this up quickly, but I just noticed that you can easily insert links into messages and rel=”nofollow” is not even added. Don’t try this, it’s spamming…get natural links. To do this (please […]