Free Links from MyBlogLog!


Everyone’s always out looking for good quality backlinks (inbound links) at a great price, and what’s better than free? Hopefully MyBlogLog will patch this up quickly, but I just noticed that you can easily insert links into messages and rel=”nofollow” is not even added. Don’t try this, it’s spamming…get natural links. To do this (please don’t), just leave a message for Rafer (sorry man), or any other MyBlogLog member. Notice the spam already in there from the DJ guy.

For all the help we’re giving MyBlogLog (mybloglog flaw, missing mybloglog tools), you’d think we were getting paid (we’re not), or at least getting a free trip to Yahoo! HQ (not yet…).

UPDATE: Rafer just let me know they are already planning to fill this gap. No use trying it out, I’m sure old links will be updated because it’s all dynamic.

UPDATE: nofollow is now active, all sealed up. Good job MBL, very fast work. That is what we like!

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