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Everyone’s always looking for a free backlink with lots of link juice, and I’ve got a great one for you (not nofollow’ed either). Although the page itself doesn’t have an updated PageRank yet (PageRank 0), the domain itself, has a PageRank of 9, so you can expect it to carry a lot of great link weight. And to do it, you just need to create a Web App made for the iPhone and then submit it to their directory. You can even create something basic and simple (but I would suggest useful). Here are the steps to making your iPhone web app and securing a nice permanent link from

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1) You need an idea – You’ll want to make something worthwhile and that adds value to users, of course. Maybe its a simple tool, calculator, news site, game, or list.

2) Interface template – The most well known “template” was made by Joe Hewitt and is now the IUI project at Google code (download here). This template is great for a news, list, or some type of hierarchal content. If that doesn’t fit your project, search for an existing iPhone Web App and see what they did to make it, then write your own. I made one that is the scriptures for the iPhone, for example.

3) Create an icon and screenshot – You’ll need an icon, even if its just a simple one (like the first letter of your app), and save it in PNG or TIFF format. For the screenshot, there are directions when you submit your app to create the screenshot using a little javascript trick.

4) Submit your iPhone Web AppSubmit your application to Apple. You’ll need to register as a developer but it is free. Your company name will be your anchor text, so you may want to “massage” it a little bit to target the link more. The company URL will be the URL that will get the link (your web app itself will not be linked directly).

There is an editorial process but if you stay within their guidelines you will have landed yourself a free backlink from!

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