5 Reasons Why I Blog


I was recently tagged by Jaan Kanellis in a blog meme that has been circling around the blogosphere. The “theme” of the blog meme is “Why I Blog”, and as it goes traditionally, name 5 things and tag 5 other bloggers.

As with the last blog meme I have created a Blog Meme Tracker. You can edit it yourself this time, for putting in the final URL for your post and then adding those you tagged.

So, 5 reasons why I blog:

1) I Blog to Learn – I love how blogging makes me constantly aware of life around me, and keeps me always looking for a new angle or something new to research. I find myself always learning something new as I write my posts, and hopefully I’m sharing something new with my readership at the same time.

2) I do it for you, of course – Teaching is a passion of mine. I teach a religion class 5 days a week at 6 AM with no monetary compensation. I love helping others to learn and grow beyond where they are at now. Its of course hard to see the effects directly, but when we have a growing readership, with great comments, and tons of newsletter subscribers, it shows that its at least worthwhile.

3) Meeting new people – I’m stealing this one from Andy. It’s amazing when you “blog” that it’s really an industry-wide conversation. I will find things someone else says that I want to emphasize or elaborate on, and that connects me with them. MyBlogLog has been an awesome way to really get to know readers, seeing their faces even from the sidebar. I just wish LinkedIn would do a sidebar like this and blow us all away with true social networking goodies.

4) Rankings and Links – Obviously having a blog is fantastic for SEO. We rank well for lots of terms just because of our blogging, and sometimes our content will pull in a good number of links, which is always a bonus.

5) Marketing SoloSEO – Unlike other SEO bloggers who mostly do SEO as a service business, we have SEO software that we promote and market. Our blog isn’t huge on pushing you to our product (2-week free trial!!!!) but we hope that it helps people become more acquainted with SEO, helps them understand how to use the tools of SEO, and to get from point A to point B in the business of SEO. Then we hope that naturally they’ll sign up for SoloSEO.

Now to tag a few people:

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Greg Boser of Web Guerrilla
Dazzlin Donna Fontenot of SEO Scoop
Nathaniel Broughton of ENVISEO
Aaron Stewart of SoloSEO

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