LiveTwitting is a new way to cover conferences, events, and meetings using Twitter and With the ease and simplicity of Twitter, you can cover sessions just like before but now in real time.

twitter tools

A few simple commands like ON, OFF, and SPEAKER will let you collect and organize the information for re-posting on your blog, website, newsletter, etc. Here are the commands that you can use, after you’ve followed @livetwitting.

You can even take the live RSS feed and link to it (or pull from it) on your blog or website. Here is a fake event that shows how it can be organized, all from using the commands above: LiveTwitting of PubCon 2007: Online Reputation Management.

The whole idea was bred on Twitter, starting with @LisaBarone asking if she should do the next session live with Twitter or not. @DannySullivan responded and said she should but there needs to be some tools to collect and organize the LiveTwitting. I (@mdjensen) told @DannySullivan I’d be interested in working on making that happen. Danny had some great ideas and we brainstormed together, and now have! See, Twitter has its usefulness!

We’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, etc. Send me (@mdjensen) or Danny (@DannySullivan) an @reply and we can talk!

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