Blog Meme Tracker – Why Do You Blog?


With another game of blog tag coming around the SEO blogosphere, we have again created a page to track the blog meme. The first time we did this we created the blog tag tree for the “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” question. This time the question is “Why Do You Blog?”, and you can find the blog meme tracker here:

Blog Meme Tracker: Why Do You Blog?

There have been a few blog taggers that have mentioned me as being the initiator of all this, but to clarify I am just a facilitator in helping everyone know who has been tagged, as well as having quick access to posts on why bloggers blog.

The blog meme tracker is pretty slick this time, it is editable by YOU! Last time it got a bit time consuming, as you could imagine. This time I hope you’ll help keeping it up to date for your own entry, or for the entries of your favorite bloggers.

Some blogger favorites of my own to highlight that are found in the blog meme tracker are:

Andy Beal
Rand Fishkin
Barry Schwartz
Lee Odden
Michael Gray
Matt Cutts
Danny Sullivan
Vanessa Fox
Lisa Barone
Jim Boykin

The blog meme tracker tracks all of these, who they tagged, and who tagged them. It’s a lot of fun, be sure to check it out.

You can also find my reasons for blogging, as I was just tagged (see my tag tree)!

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