Building the Perfect Link, the Ultimate Guide


Small Business SEM has an excellent post titled Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Link. This is a great read for anyone considering or getting into links. The guide walks you through all the various aspects and things to consider when link building. A snippet from the guide…

Fact #1: The competition for links is tough for any business, big or small. Confusing the issue is “link lingo” — inbound links, reciprocal links, sitewide links, paid links, text links, deep links … the list goes on and on. How’s a business owner to keep track of it all?

Fact #2: When you’re looking for links, quantity is one thing — but quality is better. Not all links are created equal. How can you tell which links are better than others?

That’s the idea behind this guide — to help you understand which links will help the most. To help you … Build the Perfect Link.

Look at the ultimate guide to building perfect links for more helpa and info. And good job building natural links with worthwhile content on building natural links!

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