Can Web Designers do SEO?


An excellent post by Lee Odden over at the Online Marketing Blog brings up an interesting issue about if asking your web designer to do SEO is a good idea or not. More and more we see web design companies offering SEO services, so the big question would be to ask, “who actually does the SEO?”. My guess is most of these smaller web design companies will have a designer or two that knows something about SEO, and will have a few items that they do to incorporate it into their design, like from Lee’s post:

Many times, web designer SEO involves being given a list of keywords by the site owner or someone in marketing and asked to put them in title tags, meta tags, alt text, link text and possibly modifying code so that urls are crawler friendly.

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The best thing to do, in my opinion, would be to have an open discussion (after knowing a bit about SEO yourself) about what they will do in terms of SEO. If you can afford it you may be better off hiring an SEO or you can do it yourself with SoloSEO.

Lee ends his post with a nice summary…

Can a web designer do SEO? Some can, some won’t and some just don’t have the time to stay current with SEO methodology. The question is, can they do the kind of SEO that will help build your brand AND increase sales?

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