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Watching your competition is an important part of SEO and it can take quite a bit of work to stay on top of it all. We are excited to announce that SoloSEO now includes a powerful Competitive SEO Report to compare your SEO statistics and rankings with your competitors. The report is included with a membership and can even be run during a free trial of SoloSEO.

This competitive SEO report will run each month and results are sent to you via email so you don’t even need to log in after you set up the report. The report is easy to start, just fill in a few keywords and the domains of your competitors.

Once you set up the report it runs in the background, so you can continue using other tools in SoloSEO. After just a few minutes you will get an email with the completed report.

The report has three parts: 1) SEO Site Statistics, 2) Feedback on your statistics vs your competitors, and 3) Rankings of you and your competitors.

SEO Site Statistics

This report compares backlinks, pages indexed in Google and Yahoo, PageRank, and Alexa Rank. The backlinks (as reported by Yahoo) give you an idea of how you compare with your competitors in terms of quantity of backlinks. The quality of your backlinks, as well as topic relevancy and anchor text will need to be looked at separately to get the full picture (SoloSEO includes tools for this too), but this is a general metric for knowing the popularity and connectivity of a site. The pages indexed is a nice way to compare the size of your site with your competitors. More unique and quality content will always help, so this gives you a way to gauge on what you need to more effectively compete. PageRank is somewhat useful as a gauge of the quality of a site, but is by no means the all-important factor to worship in SEO. PageRank updates also only occur every several months. Alexa Rank is a gauge of the traffic your site is receiving, and like PageRank is more of a general metric than a golden Willy Wonka ticket.

Competitive SEO Report Site Stats

Some general feedback, suggestions, and even congratulatory statements are given for each part of the SEO Site Statistics section, which is intended for beginner SEOs and non-SEOs to get an idea for what the numbers are saying to them.

The rankings of your site and your competitors are displayed for each keyword, giving you a quick and easy way to check how your site ranks versus your competitors. For now the chart uses Google for rankings, although this may expand in the future.

Competitive SEO Report Rankings

We are very excited about this report and the opportunities it affords you. We have been having fun running the report internally for our own companies. Having the report automatically run each month and emailed is a great feature that makes it even easier to keep track of it all.

Two other reports are also available in SoloSEO, the Keyword Rankings Report and Keyword Competion Report. The Keyword Rankings Report can now be set to automatically run weekly and monthly, which makes it even easier to keep up on your rankings for important keywords.

Try the new Competitive SEO Report, and other powerful SEO tools today by signing up for a free trial or by logging in to your account!

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