A Corporate Blog Makes You Linkable


I was reading a post by Rand Fishkin about the “secret” that’s not really a secret for ranking. Essentially the secret is linkable content.

corporate blog

As I was thinking about this, it’s hard to have truly linkable content for many subjects, like surgical gloves or ice cube trays. But a corporate blog can be very linkable, even for a company selling something unexciting like surgical gloves or ice cube trays. In that corporate blog if you showed all the characters you could create with surgical gloves, or do funny/amazing chemical and volume loading tests with them, you’d have something that would at least be fun to the humorous side of the web. For ice cube trays you could create ice cube tray recipes for frozen treats, or show different crystal designs from freezing certain types of water (like distilled water).

A corporate blog can make you linkable, even if your products aren’t linkable on their own.

Thanks to Hans for the great balloon character.

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