Doing Good as Link Bait


I was reading an article (here too) just the other day about how National Amusements, a company that owns 1500+ theaters, gave away free movie tickets (and popcorn and drinks!) for the US armed forces and their families to “offer enjoyment and relaxation, and to keep families together” for the whole month of July. Starting in May (and going on forever it sounds like) any armed forces personnel (and family) will get a discounted admission. (Whether or not you agree with the current conflict, our troops certainly deserve our respect and appreciation for putting their lives on the line.) As I read this it made me want to blog about it and tell other people how neat it was they would do such a thing.

As I continued to think about it, I wondered about how “doing good”, acts of service and charity by organizations that are truly genuine (not just tax deductible), could be the means of really good link bait. National Amusements did not seem to benefit greatly from it in terms of traffic, but hopefully the public considers their image when patronizing theaters. I tried to digg the article last week, but it didn’t have any legs. Perhaps its the wrong audience for such an article, or maybe the title wasn’t quite right, but I really think there could be some great link bait juice out of a “doing good” act.

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I searched through the year’s top diggs and could only really find one that was “doing good”, a plea for help/attention for a man whose house was demolished by the city, but even then it was more of a “can you believe this, get this guy some attention” kind of “doing good”.

I glanced through Reddit and a few other social news sites but couldn’t find much in the few minutes I took there, but I thought I’d open it up to our readers, do you remember much “link bait” coming from a “doing good” act by businesses or individuals?

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