Don’t April Fools Yourself


I always have to try something to get my wife on April Fools, so this year was no different. Turning the clocks forward 6 hours didn’t work because I missed a clock and her cell phone. I went so far as to feed the kids hot dogs for breakfast, convincing them they slept in and we were having lunch.

The prank that worked, but also backfired at the same time, was one I found online at Family Fun (by the way, it’s a great magazine for the kids, and quite inexpensive at $1 an issue). For the prank, you put a rubber band around the sprayer at your kitchen sink and point it towards where you stand when you turn on the faucet. My sprayer liked scotch tape better than a rubber band. Well, one minute after I taped and positioned the sprayer, I myself went to use the kitchen faucet, completely forgetting what I had just done. I was drenched, all over my right side. An hour or so later my wife woke up and eventually worked her way into the kitchen. It was hysterical! I laughed for a good 5 minutes. She laughed too, luckily.

Lesson learned? Be thorough on your pranks (all clocks and phones) and remember which pranks you pull so you don’t April Fools yourself.

Any good harmless April Fools joke that were successful for you? Any that backfired?

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