Feedburner Drop? Don't Worry, Your Subscribers Are Back


In case you were concerned with your blog, like I was, with a mass exodus of Feedburner subscribers, @AndyBeal helped me figure it out this morning through Twitter (you can follow me if you want @mdjensen), which I am coming to see its importance more and more.


It looks like Netvibes was undergoing some maintenance and so it was under reporting, and at least from this blog it was from last Wednesday (April 23rd) until yesterday. Here is what it looks like over the last few weeks:

Feedburner Netvibes

Today is the highlighted green bar with a T (Tuesday). You can see that our overall blog subscribers count when up even higher after the Netvibes result. Maybe they are reporting more accurately now? Usually we only see dips on the weekend, so seeing a mid-week dip (from last week’s Monday and Tuesday down to Wednesday) was unusual.

Andy Beal was saying he lost 1300 subscribers from his count based on that, and for us it looks like NetVibes makes up 32% of our subscriber base.

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