Introduce Yourself at PubCon and Get Some Swag


If you’re not going to PubCon, you’re missing out on a great conference. Aaron and I will both be there again this year, and we’d love for you to introduce yourself to us. As a bonus (or a bribe I guess) we’ll give you some swag (freebies, promos, giveaways)! And for the first 50 to introduce themselves, you’ll get a bonus swag! 🙂

I’d tell you what our swag this year is, but I’ll leave the anticipation to drive you to introduce yourself to us. We did put a lot of time into finding a functional, useful swag item that you wouldn’t just throw away after the conference, or give to your dog to chew on. So keep your eye out for us and don’t be shy, we’d love to meet you!

To help you recognize us by face a little better, here are our mugs:

Aaron Stewart
Michael Jensen

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