Getting Started in Domaining (and a Domain Finding Trick)


I’ve been diving into domaining activities recently, mostly reading, some bidding, and some buying. It is a very interesting field, and it opens a lot of doors in terms of return on investment. You could develop a site with a domain and grow it, quickly resell it, or just let it sit and sell it eventually. The sky is the limit really. One of the hardest parts of domaining is finding good domains. And I’ve got a good trick for you that can help you on your quest. But before the trick, here’s a few resources to help you out with domaining.

domaining - finding the best domain name

Domaining Blogs

As with SEO and search marketing, the best way to start and learn is to read blogs. Here are 3 that can give you a great jump start at domaining:

Frank Schilling’s blog
Domain Tools blog
Inside Domaining blog

Places to buy Domains

Buy Domains at
RSS Feed for Buying Domains at

Places to buy Websites (which includes a domain)

Buy Websites at
RSS Feed for Buying Established Websites at

Domaining and SEO

The merge of domaining and SEO is getting more mainstream, with several SEOs being invited to the Domain Roundtable this year.

Finally, the Domain Finding Trick

One of the tricks is actually finding domains for sale. Sure you can go to GoDaddy et al., but the best domains are already purchased (unless you are buying a web2.0 name). A simple query in google, along with the keyword that you have in mind, can give you a great working list of domains to check out that are actively for sale. The trick is to include with your keyword the phrase “this domain is for sale”, with the quotes (for an exact phrase match). Here are some example queries to get you started:

“diet” domains

“mortage” domains

“retirement” domains

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