Google Algorithm Contains Infinite Loop


From a comment on a recent post of mine about getting your Web 2.0 brand past Google’s spell checker, I fell upon an “infinite loop” in Google.

If you do a search for phonitick spewling in Google, the number one result is the exact same page you are on. I have never seen this behavior before.

There is a link at this guide to Google’s spelling suggestions to the exact query, but certainly there are many many other occurrences of a link to a Google query throughout the web.

To initiate a simple experiment, I am creating a link to goobly googly gook. There are 5 results right now to that page, and so if there is consistency this same search would appear in the results. Time will tell.

Can you find other examples where Google (or others) returns the actual search page you are on as a result for your search?

Google Screenshot of Infinite Loop

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