Google ups Analytics: Now Track 50 Domains


Google has expanded Analytics to now let you track not just 10 domains, but 50. Google Analytics is a comprehensive statistics application that tracks traffic and stats for your domain.

Back in August the number of domains, or “profiles”, I could track in my analytics account was increased from 5 to 10.

Today I just noticed that my profile has been expanded to allow me to watch 50 domains, a significant increase from 10.

The other day there were several blog posts (like SEOmoz) about which creates heat maps from where visitors click on your site. Google Analytics has a “Site Overlay” but nothing like Crazy Egg. I wonder if Google will jump into this. I’m guessing Google is not tracking the mouse positions like I assume Crazy Egg, but I don’t see it being impossible for Google to roll out if they wanted to. I’ve tried Crazy Egg and it has definitely given me some insight into where people are going, including to forms and such, which Google does not track.

Enjoy managing 50 domain profiles now in Google Analytics!

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