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Great Read: How to Get an Influencer’s Attention


Every so often I read a blog post or article that really impresses me, and that happened this morning with Tamar Weinberg’s (@tamar on Twitter) post called How to Get an Influencer’s Attention over at Techipedia. She obviously put a lot of time into it, and received back a lot of noteworthy responses. Not only are the responses great, but it also gives us a great list of Influencer’s! A few of my favorites:

Seth Godin

I’m a huge Seth Godin fan, and his response doesn’t surprise me because it is in-line with the same message he gives to his audiences:

seth godin

PR people shouldn’t try to get my attention.

Readers with something to say should email me.

Marketers should make great products that loyal readers or long-time friends or trusted colleagues choose to tell me about!


Pete Cashmore

I completely agree with this one as well, don’t waste your time crafting a huge email, just get your point across quickly.

pete cashmore technorati

I think keeping it short and to the point is most likely to get a response — having a clear message or request that gets the idea across in a couple sentences. Everybody is short on time these days, and the more succinctly you can express yourself, the better.

There are a ton more responses, and a great summary at the end from Tamar. Read the rest at Techipedia!

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