How to Get a Double Listing in Google


The following are some steps on how to get double listing in Google.

Step 1 – Pick a topic that you can write a series of posts/articles on.

Step 2 – Start each post with the same topic name.

Step 3 – Give each post its own unique title appended to the topic name.

Step 4 – Name the post using both the topic name and title.

Step 5 – Write useful unique content.

Presto! Well, it worked for me, so with the right phrase it should work for you.

I didn’t intend to get a double listing by starting this series of “Starting your SEO Business”, but it’s a nice bonus. For every search I see it in the top 10 (in Google) we take 2 spots with the double listing. Try this query to see the double listing for yourself:

» start seo business

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