Instant Testimonial Page, Just Add Blog Post


Recently I noticed a few backlinks to our blog coming from HitTail, a long tail keyword tool. Instead of being some spammer that puts up a temporary post that pings our blog, HitTail is collecting “testimonials” about their service from virtually any blog (that pings it), and delivering this list in a nice clean way. Even a link in the comments will trigger an “entry” into the HitTail quotes and testimonials page.

I love the idea to automatically collect who talks about your site, and then to post it as a quotes and testimonials page. I track what people say about SoloSEO using Google Alerts, but maybe this is a great way to not only track it but also share it!

hit tail long tail keywords

This is also a great way to create “user generated content” without users having to directly interact with your site!

The only downside is they are essentially giving away a free link from a PageRank 4 page.

Update: Although it appears to still be very automated, there is definitely someone weeding out the entries that get on the page.

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