Jumping on Keywords When they are Hot


Recently a big story hit the news about Google modifying their algorithm to fix googlebombing. When news hit, my first instinct was to start buying PPC ads for classic googlebombing phrases, like miserable failure. It was a good instinct, as we got some decent traffic from our market audience who, just like me, needed to see it for themselves in the search results.

I wasn’t the only one that started advertising, as there was at least one other company that had an ad up on Google. And interestingly, Rand posted about predicting search queries over the weekend.

Miserable Failure PPC ad

A very similar situation happened to me a few months ago after Aaron Wall posted about the keyword “trust rank” and how it wasn’t being utilized at all by PPC campaigns (can’t find the post, sorry Aaron). Being the thinker I am, I created a page about Trust Rank as well as Page Rank, and then created a simple PPC ad and put it up. Minutes later…traffic. Not a whole lot, but definitely traffic from our market audience.

Being able to predict search queries would be fantastic. However, I think being observant (reading blogs, talking with people, being attentive in your audience’s shoes) will keep you in the game and help you to catch search terms quicker than others. This not only applies to PPC, but also to blogging, where if you can get to your audience before other communities do, then you’re more likely to get further credit when they blog or comment.

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