LinkedIn Wants Me to Accept or Deny Jesus?


I’ve always enjoyed LinkedIn, but I’m not sure about this new feature. They want me to Accept or Deny Jesus?


I felt like Peter (in the Bible) for just a moment!

Anyone involved in building software and applications knows text cropping is always a tough part. Obviously I was invited to be friends with someone named “Christopher” but LinkedIn cuts off after 6 characters. I just loved the wording on the buttons and how they seemed to fit just perfectly.

I love LinkedIn, and I’m enjoying Facebook too. LinkedIn has made it much easier for me to add and connect with friends though, anyone else feel that way? Well if you know me, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

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If you don’t know me, share a comment or drop me an email and get to know me! If you want to find me on facebook, then try searching for my name. There’s already a good sized network of SEOs on there (not as big as LinkedIn from what I can tell), and I’ve found some students I taught in a class before. Facebook has put themselves in a great position for being a huge leader in the social network world with their new API.

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