Manifesto on Do-It-Yourself ___________


Hugh, at is taking < 500 word manifestos and is posting some of them on his blog. Todd Malicoat ( already got his Manifesto on SEO Marketing featured by Hugh, so I brainstormed for another topic. Here it goes:

Manifesto on Do-It-Yourself __________

1) What you learn often outweighs the money you save.

2) Doing it yourself doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help or that you can’t actually do the project with someone else. Sometimes a friend, or a consultant, will do the trick.

3) Having the right tools can make doing it yourself easier, faster, and better.

4) There is a limit – some things you just shouldn’t do yourself. Examples include, but are not limited to: at home liposuction, preparing your own Fugu, and flying in a homemade airplane.

5) Doing it yourself strengthens your passion and ownership for what you did.

6) Every time you do something new yourself, your capacity for doing other new things is expanded, even if it is completely unrelated.

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