Meet your Local SEOs


If you don’t already know SEOs that live around you, use your search engine superpowers to find them, then contact them and meet up for an hour and get to know each other. It’s fun!

I live in a small college town, so for a while I thought I was the only one doing SEO stuff around here. I fell upon, now (a great SEO blog by the way), and noticed Nathaniel lived in the same city as me. After corresponding a few times we finally got together for a nice chat of SEO this evening. We met at a cafe downtown with an SEO buddy of his, Jay, and had a great time just talking SEO. Thanks guys!

The neat thing about meeting people is you never know what will come of it. So get outside your box and meet some people. You’ll have to take the initiative to set it up, but the perspective you can get from others, even on just life itself, can be priceless.


I didn’t have Jay’s blog when I first posted, so I wanted to include that here. It is a search engine optimization and marketing blog called SEOFoSho and it contains some neat insights from a true SEO. Jay and Nathaniel of EnviSEO are both excellent SEOs I would recommend working with anytime and I’m following both their blogs now. They’ve got quite a client list and are two of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

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