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This week we have announced a new tool each day, starting with the dead link checker that checks your site for internal and outbound links that point to a dead (not working) URL. Next we announced the XML Sitemap Generator now integrated with SoloSEO, so with just a click of a button you can create or generate an XML Sitemap.

Today’s new SEO tool is our “Top Subpages Tool”. Although similar to Jim Boykin’s Strongest Subpages Tool, the Top Subpages tool lets you quickly assess the best page to request a link for, out of all of the pages of a potential link site. The Top Subpages tool is integrated within the link management system built into SoloSEO, so you can easily add potential links directly to your Link Manager. With the Top Subpages tool you can go straight to a list of the actual backlnks, so you can do a quick scan for quality and strength. The PageRank for each individual page is also included, to give you a general idea of the strength of the page.

What’s the benefit of the Top Subpages tool?

In link building, inbound links (backlinks) are like a vote to whoever they link to. Rather than every vote counting as exactly one vote, the more authority and trust your site has, the bigger your vote is and the more credibility and trust it passes on to those it links to.

If you look at your own site, you might have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of pages. More likely than not, the number of pages on your site that have many links are going to be far fewer than the number of pages with one or no links at all. If we can identify those pages that have many links we can maximize the “authority” or size of the vote that is passed on to us from a link vote.

I hope you’ll give the new tool a try!

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Check back tomorrow for our last tool announcement for the week! We are really excited about this one, and I know you’ll find it incredibly helpful in your SEO.

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