Change to Chance

The Only Constant Online is Change.


As many of you know, Michael and I have put a great deal of time and effort into building SoloSEO as an important service, a recognizable brand, while hopefully providing our clients the best Do-It-Yourself SEO tools available. We were the first to offer a comprehensive set of online SEO tools, all located in one place. It has been a great learning process, and quite a bit of fun. We both love learning new industries, and obtaining as much knowledge as our pee brains can handle.

Over the last few years we have pursued a number of new opportunities, and recently came to the realization that SoloSEO’s tools are a perfect fit within one of our other online service/products. After much thought and consideration, we have decided to take the SoloSEO tools private and utilize the SoloSEO tool suite in a different manner.

The company mentioned above is called EdgeAbove. A service and system we believe is revolutionizing the network marketing industry, by addressing many of the online challenges these companies face daily. SoloSEO’s tools will now be incorporated into this system, providing EdgeAbove clients a seamless and simple method to SEO their own sites. It is an exciting opportunity.

We will continue to blog on SEO matters here on the SoloSEO blog, especially on changes and interesting developments in the industry. We will also leave all our previous posts up indefintely for anyone looking to learn a bit more about SEO in general. It is a fascinating industry and very important to understand if you have desires of launching a successful online buisness.

It has been and will continue to be a great online ride, happy SEOing to each of you.

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