Overture Keyword Tool Resurrected, 3 Source Keyword Tool is Back!


Overture’s Keyword Tool was declared dead by many, then Yahoo said it wasn’t dead yet, and now I can confirm it has been resurrected. Before it took FOREVER to load, and would often time out. Now, it runs like a charm. But don’t use it there, you can access not only Overture’s Keyword Tool from SoloSEO, but also WordTracker and Google Adwords, SIMULTANEOUSLY. Is that cool or what. You don’t even need an account from WordTracker, and you’re not limited to a measly 100 words either.

Try a free trial of SoloSEO, and if anything use it for the sweet keyword tools and keyword manager. This is what it looks like:

In case you’re wondering, before it was only 2 sources as Overture’s keyword tool was dead. Those funny little icons might need some explaining too. The > Play one is to re-run the keyword query (it’s all AJAX, pretty slick) and the + Add icon is to add it to your list (you can add as many as you want without leaving the page, AJAX again, real slick). The 5 bar icon is for popularity. Instead of those obscure numbers that come with Overture and WordTracker, we’ve normalized popularity of keywords to a 0-5 scale (yeah, that’s sweeeeeet). When you save keywords to your keyword manager, it saves the popularity with the keyword. Then you can use those keywords in other tools quite easily (like our keyword ranking reports that run weekly or monthly straight to your email box).

Try SoloSEO!

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