Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest Begins Again


Andy Beal announced today the launch of the second Search Engine Marketing Scholarship. This is a fantastic opportunity ($10,000 worth of prizes) for any of you Solo SEOs looking to get out and be known with your expertise. Sharpen your copywriting skills and impress the SEO world with your insight into Search Marketing as well as your actual SEO skills! As one of the prizes, SoloSEO is giving out a free year of the tools. I’m also honored to be on the judging panel!

You have to hand it to Andy, he is one smart cookie. If you wanted (1) lots of content, (2) lots of links, (3) rankings for tons of relevant long tail keywords, and (4) didn’t want to pay anything for it, how would you do it? Why not create a scholarship contest that generates dozens and dozens of long SEO keyword rich articles (search Google for “social media marketing”), host them on your website, with the entrants of the contest then doing everything in their power to get links and traffic to their article on your site, and then give away prizes donated from other companies (they get a slice of promotion that way).


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