Search Engine Marketing’s Best Posts in 2008


For anyone starting out in SEO, or looking to sharpen their skills, it can be overwhelming the number of resources to digest. Thanks to Matt McGee and the SEMMYS, it’s fairly easy to find the best of the best on all the varying topics underneath the Search Marketing umbrella. I had the opportunity to be a judge this year in the SEMMYS, in the category of Social Media. It was fun to dig in and read several articles and posts that I had quite frankly missed, and find some new blogs to subscribe to.

search engine marketing

Even the SoloSEO blog had some nominations, four in fact! Here are the four that were nominated:

SEO Category:

Learn SEO Basics: Long Tail Keywords

7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 hours

LOL Funny Category:

LinkedIn Wants Me to Accept or Deny Jesus?

What the Customer Actually Wanted

Even though we didn’t make it as finalists, we’re glad to be recognized as providing a source of great SEO material, and some laughs as well!

Now that the SEMMYS nominations have been reduced to 3-6 per category by a set of judges, it’s a great time to absorb that material and maybe find some new blogs to start reading as well.

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