Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Begins


Andy Beal at opened up the 3rd annual Search Engine Marketing Scholarship, open to anyone who wants to write an article about SEO, PPC, or SMO (social media optimization) and have a chance at more than $10,000 worth of prizes! Beyond writing the article, your next task is to get your article some traffic! You can do it any way you want, but this year quality traffic is getting some bonus points.

seo scholarship

This is a great opportunity for rising stars in search engine marketing to get a leg in and get some traction, attention, and recognition. You can use your SEM knowledge to get your article links, publicity, and traffic and make it into the top 5. From there, a panel of “expert judges” (quotes because I’m one of the judges…), will select the winner.

Best of luck (and skill) to all entrants!

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