SEO “Blog Posters” vs “Article Bloggers”


articles vs blog posts

Jakob Nielsen at has posted a thorough, authoritative article titled Write Articles, Not Blog Postings. I highly recommend the read for anyone who has a blog, hopes to have a blog, or reads blogs (did I leave anyone out?).

In the SEO industry, we definitely have both sides of the fence, some “Blog Posters” and some “Article Bloggers”. Here at SoloSEO, I would like to think we have a good mix of both. I find more satisfaction (and comments and links and traffic) from the “articles” I post versus the short blog postings, but I still think there is a role for the short blog postings.

So, who are the “Blog Posters” and who are the “Article Bloggers” of SEO?

Blog Posters

Andy Beal’s blog, (although Andy has done some great exclusive articles, like on Google click fraud)

Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog, (fantastic blog, always great posts)

Aaron Wall of (this was a tough one, each post is very well written and original, but not as deep as an “article”)

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger is one of the gold standards of blogging. Although he puts a lot of thought into his posts, I think most of them are still in the blog post arena (and rightly so, “pro blogger”).

Article Bloggers

SEOmoz is genius at writing authoritative articles. In fact they recently hit one million backlinks.

Todd Malicoat of StuntDubl. Todd has some amazing articles on SEO, if you don’t read his blog you better start!

Jim Boykin’s blog all about link building. Almost every post is a gem.

Neil Patel at is Neil’s personal blog about becoming famous. Neil puts a ton of thought into each and every post, it’s one of the purest “article blogs” out there.

I really think there is a place for both in the blogging world. I love to link to well-thought-out, thorough, researched, and authoritative articles, but I also love reading blog posts that in just a few seconds get me caught up or teach me something.

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