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Learning all there is to learn in Search Engine Marketing is no easy feat. There’s no real text book, and if there was it would be outdated right after it was published I’m sure. The best place to get the best information in Search Marketing is from immersing yourself in the blogs of SEO and SEM.

Thankfully, Matt McGee comes to our rescue with the SEMMY’s (note…SEM=search engine marketing, the rest is to give it the Grammy’s feel). This “award ceremony” goes through the best posts in the previous year in the search marketing world. The nice thing is, it gives you a fantastic list of articles to read and get caught up on in any of the following categories:

Viral Marketing
Social Media
Link Building
Local Search
General Online Marketing
Blogs & Blogging
Reputation Management
Small Business
Search Tech

and just for fun…

LOL Funny!

To my surprise I have 4 articles nominated, in 2 categories! In the SEO category, one called Learn SEO Basics: Long Tail Keywords and another 7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 Hours (that also has a great follow-up with 80+ comments called 24 Hour Site Indexing Works Again). In the LOL Funny! category (no one has ever really called me funny actually) I have our most visited and commented post ever, What the Customer Actually Wanted, and the other is LinkedIn Wants Me to Accept or Deny Jesus?.

Matt even made some cool little badges for nominees, which I’m not really into, but I thought I’d branch out a little:

2008 SEMMY Nominee

I do think there is a ton to gain from reading the articles being nominated, which I bet you could do in a couple of days. And if you’re really looking for the cream of the crop, the judges are going to be narrowing each category down to a handful of articles (and even letting us vote on them).

Head on over to the SEMMYS for some great reading!

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