Small Business Ingenuity with a Wok


A television station who couldn’t afford the $20,000 commercial link for their station enlisted the help of a wok and saved $19,990. The story goes beyond the pringles can wireless antenna because it’s not just hobby anymore, they actually use this for their business.

There are obviously some things you don’t want to go cheap on (anything that protects life…and data?), but when you’re a small business you have to make it with what you have. If all you have is time, then your time should be spent in things that will promote the success of your business.

This television station didn’t even need to hire the guy (it says volunteer). There are many opportunities to network and gain help from others without paying a dime in consulting fees. We don’t want to be bottom-feeders, but rather be resourceful and glean what you can from your surroundings. Luckily the Internet makes our surroundings quite expansive.

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