Taking the Ordinary to Extraordinary


Zoobie Hippo

Stuffed animals have been around as far back as Ancient Egypt. Undoubtedly if you have kids you have a collection of them. Although stuffed animals are no longer stuffed with straw or beans, they haven’t really changed much at all over the years, until now. A new company has created the transformer of stuffed animals, Zoobie Pets. Not only is it a cute, cuddly, soft stuffed animal, but it can also become a pillow or a blanket. So simple, but so neat!

Transform your SEO Business

This got me thinking, what other things around us, as ordinary as stuffed animals, could be “transformed” into an even better product and compete with the original? Can we do that with an “ordinary blog” or “ordinary service” like SEO? Yes!

Do you just do run of the mill SEO? Or do you go beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary? Do you offer specialization in services such as local search, link building, eCommerce sites, jewelry retailers, link bait, etc.? Do you have certain skills that set you apart from the rest, like programming, design, PR, etc.? Do you offer services that not not only include SEO but also web hosting, programming, site design, logo design, radio ads, print ads, etc.? Even if you don’t do it all yourself, if you surround yourself with a team that works together, even across business lines, you can offer your customers a product that is extraordinary and brings them the results that WILL make them talk about it at other conferences and business meetings.

The Zoobie Pets are so adorable, that I want to tell other people about them. My kids like them so much, they have been telling everyone they meet about their new Zoobie Pet. Having a product that is extraordinary, that can make a passionate user (think Apple, Google) gives you a huge advantage in word-of-mouth marketing.

A few good links about being “passionate”:

Creating Passionate Users blog is an excellent one I subscribe to

A post by Aaron Wall (SEObook) about being passionate in what you do

Disclaimer: My little sister runs LittleAngelBaby.com that sells the Zoobie Pets, and I don’t get any compensation for the referral. If you have a kid in your life, I think they’ll like this, mine sure have!

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