Top 5 Useful and Free SEO e-Books


Originally I wanted this post to be titled, “Top 10 Useful and Free SEO e-Books”, but I was surprised to find very few worthwhile free SEO e-Books, even when I enlisted the help of several SEO experts/friends! I had to dig more into “Internet Marketing” but SEO is such an umbrella term now that I think these fit well into its scope.


Here are the 5 free and useful SEO e-Books:

1) Beginner’s Guide to SEO from SEOmoz

This is really the definitive guide for SEO outside of the paid e-Book by Aaron Wall. Not only does it go through every topic of SEO it also has a thorough list of resources down at the bottom for further reading. You can download it in other formats like Word and OpenOffice.

2) Viral Copy: Trading Words for Traffic by Brian Clark

Brian Clark is an exceptional writer and teacher, and this book offers valuable ideas and strategies for implementing viral content strategies. His website is full of invaluable information for anyone doing any type of content writing.

3) How to Use the Modern Press Release by David Meerman Scott

Press Releases are not only important in marketing but also in SEO. A well-written and distributed press release can go a long ways for creating traffic, links, and buzz. This e-Book discusses the “new rules” of Press Releases that can help you take advantage of this excellent SEO strategy.

4) Keyword Research from Pole Position Marketing

A thorough e-Book on keyword research, taking you from gathering to sorting to organizing keywords.

5) Keyword Research Guide from WordTracker

Even though some of it is centered on WordTracker, this e-Book is excellent for understanding the importance and use of keywords in SEO. Brian Eisenberg of FutureNow, Inc. even contributed to the e-Book.

Other SEO/Internet Marketing topics I expected to find free authoritative e-Books on, but did not:

– Link Building
– Social Media Marketing/Optimization (only this, but way too basic)
– Email Marketing

Leave a comment if you know of a free and useful SEO related e-Book that I missed! (Please don’t bother with affiliate link-laden e-Books, I did not include those for a reason…not useful)

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