Why I Blog (5 Reasons)…


I have never liked tag games very much as a kid. It was mostly due to the fact that I was too fat and slow as a youngster to really catch anyone, so I frequently spent most of my early years as “it.” For the most part it was the mean, fast kids who would tag me, then taunt me as I awkwardly lumbered around trying to tag them back, it was never my friends who tagged me. So to have my dear friend and business partner Michael tag me in the “5 reasons why I blog” meme was quite a shock. Not to mention being tagged by your business partner seems to be like going to the prom with your sister, but if it was the only way to get in the game, oh well. 🙂 I have never been brought into one of the previous link games before, so I guess it took less than optimal measures to get me in this time..



Anyway, enough whining, here we go. I blog…

1. To Learn. I am forced to go out and learn something in order to blog about it. Now SEO is such a widely blogged topic, you really have to get out there and dig (not DIGG) to find something new, or in order to put a spin on an existing piece of knowledge to make it your own, you need to read and think about it. If you can’t do either, then you will need to find something else to do.

2. To Communicate. I felt somewhat out of place in the SEO world when we got started. My background is business, that is where I am most comfortable, that is where the terminology makes sense. However SEO has become such an important part of doing business online, blogging about it from a primarily business perspective makes sense to me. Plus, my fellow business-minded associates seem to be lagging behind in their decision to implement SEO strategies into their firm’s marketing strategies, so I feel the need to communicate/motivate them to get on the ball.

3. To Rant. There is some stuff out there in online land that is just garbage, and it causes one to shake a head of frustration daily. From black hat SEO techniques, to link purchasing scams, to Digg, and a myriad of other items of stupidity. There is much to speak out against, there is always a fresh blog top. And frankly these topics are easy posts to work on, the words just seem to flow when you are angered.

4. To Question. I love to read the opinions of others, and the comments which inform me I am way off base. I want to learn, so if I have missed making my point, then I want to learn where I went wrong, and see if I need to change my viewpoint. There is no shame in being wrong, as long as you are willing to admit your mistake, and then go forward with the correct knowledge from that point on. Much of what we learn is from doing it wrong the first time around, so I take no shame in screwing up. In fact, I have become quite good at it.

5. To Convince. Obviously we want SoloSEO to be successful, and we think there is no better place for someone to manage their SEO project than online with us. So we tell people about ourselves, the trends in SEO, and where they can get the latest and greatest tools to SEO for themselves. Or we attempt to convince the SEO pros to manage all their accounts with us, not only to more efficiently provide their clients with the SEO services required, but to do it with more control and less trouble than they were able to do previously while using the numerous other SEO tools scattered across the four corners of the web.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why I personally blog. Now to tag others…

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I find all of the tagged above excellent sources of information, and read these blogs often.

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